Get to know the CNC monitor 2.0 news – The biggest platform of CNC machine on the planet.

Industry 4.0 is already a reality, and with this fragile moment of economy, tends to gain space, when becomes necessary improve factory resources, as well as minimize lost and Idleness. In August machining market will gain version 2.0 of the CNC Monitor,

a free platform (web and mobile) that captures data from CNC machines homogeneously and transform it in management indicators, charts, a simple and “hands on” way to keep the factory control wherever you are.

In less than 2 years CNC Monitor have become the biggest monitoring platform, of CNC machines in the world! Last year the platform as well as the app, where totally redesigned, not only the visual part, but the business model, also it is totally in English to serve the international market. A mature and intuitive product for the market that daily fell the necessity to implement technology on the industrial park.

With a eye on the worlds new technology, new resources as well where developed in this version, integration with IoT, Cloud, MES, and ERP Platforms, bring the possibility to contribute even more with the management.

Technology, an ally on the competitively

Bearing in mind that Brazil occupies the 64th position in the Global Innovation Index, as estimated by the Brazilian Development Agency (ABDI), entrepreneurs, educational institutions and organizations lead projects to bring digital transformation to the factory floor, as it is the main path to industry competitiveness.

As a pioneering technology in Brazil, CNC Monitor is a facilitator for the entry of industry 4.0, providing reliable information on the shop floor so that management is much safer and more efficient. The machines generate countless data daily and have a lot to say about the factory, allowing, for example, corrective and improvement actions to be taken much more quickly.

Launch event

Version 2.0 of the platform will be presented online on August 20, 2020 at 12:00 GMT. In addition, the speaker Valdecir de O. Pereira, director of R&D at GRV Software, will present a quick view of, how to use the information from the platform to increase productivity, improve the management of the factory and find the “lost” working hours, That are often hidden. An overview of what we are developing for the future that promises to revolutionize your shop floor vision will also be presented.


  • More management graphics;
  • More compatible commands;
  • Available in cloud ** or local installation;
  • Website and application totally redesigned;
  • Integration with IoT, Cloud, MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and ERP platforms;

Explore all the features that this free tool can offer to your company! Sign up to guarantee your participation: CLICK HERE

* Check the technical specifications.

** Local, Cloud – free.


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